Sunday, September 20, 2009

Christianese Radio: Apologies!!!

Blogger: Joe Harrison

I am really, really, really, sorry, but once again there will be no episode of Christianese Radio today. I promise, this is not just a scheme to get us back to the Tuesday schedule! A lot has happened this week, a lot of thought about my future, actually. And so much has been on my mind that I just haven't found the time to work out an episode. Plus I am coming down with a cold that has me in a pretty much constant state of exhaustion. But Lord-willing it will be short-lived and I will be back up and running soon!

As for the show, Lord-willing I will be able to do one tonight (Monday night) and have it ready by Tuesday morning (as has been the case with the last two episodes). But if anything changes I will post it here.

I really am terribly sorry for this because I know it is not very professional. But I promise I will start doing better. Just a few kinks I have to work out (and get worked out).

In the meantime, take a look about this new blog (the official Christianese Radio Blog) and add it to your Favorites (or Bookmark it), as, Lord-willing, this will be the future home of blogposts from myself and other Guest Bloggers (see the "Welcome" section to the Right, as well is the first blog post below)

Again, I really am sorry!

The Grace of Christ be with you,


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